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Call handeling modes in ShoreTel phone?

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What are the different call handeling modes my ShoreTel phone comes with?
asked in ShoreTel by anonymous

1 Answer

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Your ShoreTel phone comes with 5 call modes including DND (Do Not Disturb) which allows you to forward calls to a 

voicemail or another number. Standard Mode which automaticly forwards all incoming calls to your phone normally. Then your 

phone comes with Out Of Office, In a Meeting, Extended Absence, and a custom mode allowing you to set specific options.

You can press the "options" button to place your phone into a specific mode.

1. Press Option button.
2. Call handeling should be showing on the phone.
3. Select your mode then press edit soft key.
4. Enter the number you want and press OK

answered by birns (2,860 points)
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